Head & Neck and Oral Oncology

Head & Neck, and Oral Oncology encompasses all aspects of clinical practise, basic and translational research on the aetiology, pathophysiology, detection, evaluation, administration, development, and prediction of patients with head and neck tumours and carotid body tumours. The Head and Neck Surgery track will highlight the benefits of cutting-edge diagnostic testing and cutting-edge medicinal and surgical treatment for the full range of head and neck conditions. Head and Neck disease is strongly linked to certain natural and lifestyle risk factors, for example, tobacco smoking, liquor utilisation, UV light, specific chemicals used in specific work environments, and specific strains of infections, for example, human papillomavirus. These tumours are frequently aggressive in their biologic behaviour; patients with these diseases have a higher risk of developing another growth in the head and neck region. Head and neck disease is extremely treatable if detected early, primarily through surgery, but radiation treatment may also play an important role, while chemotherapy is frequently ineffective. Squamous cell carcinoma, oral epidemiology, head and neck surgery, head and neck cancer infections, carotid body tumour, and HNS oncology are all covered in this track.

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